Ten Commandments for Husbands and Wives

I. Defile not thy body either with excessive food, tobacco, or drink, that thy days may be many and healthful in the presence of thy loved ones.

II. Thou shalt put each other before thy parents and thy children, for thou art lifelong companions.

III. Forgive with grace, for who among us does not need forgiveness?

IV. Remember that the frank approval of thy mate is worth more than the admiring glances of a stranger.

V. Keep thy home in good repair and order, for out of it cometh the joys of old age.

VI. Thou shalt not withhold affection from each other, for everyone loveth to be loved.

VII. Forget not the virtue of cleanliness.

VIII. Permit neither thy work, nor thy hobby to make of thee a stranger to thy children, for the most precious gift thou giveth thy family, is thy time.

IX. Make not thy mate a beggar, but share willingly thy worldly goods.

X. Honor the Lord thy God all the days of thy life, and thy children will rise up and call thee blessed.

(Source unknown)